JUPITER OLS: Optical Lightning Surveillance


Jupiter OLS Monitoring System Delivers Lightning Strike Locations with Unparalleled Accuracy

A picture says a thousand words. In the case of a lightning strike on a high-value asset, the stakes could be thousands of dollars or more. When you need definitive information on lightning activity affecting your assets, Jupiter OLS is your go-to solution. 


Jupiter OLS sets a new benchmark in lightning surveillance. Contrary to popular belief, existing “state-of-the-art” lightning location networks often miss at least 10% of all lightning events and can inaccurately report strike locations by miles. These networks also suffer from other inaccuracies, such as:

  • Overlooking lightning strokes with multiple ground attachment points,
  • Ignoring upward illumination (UI) strokes,
  • Misidentifying weak positive cloud-to-ground strokes as intracloud discharges.

SLS’s expert team of lightning scientists and engineers have crafted Jupiter OLS to be the world’s first site-specific lightning monitoring system that addresses these shortcomings. Jupiter OLS boasts 100% detection of lightning events, pinpointing their exact locations with unparalleled accuracy. Real-time reports are generated and sent to facility managers. Each system is custom configured to meet the unique needs of your site, ensuring your valuable assets are monitored with complete reliability.



GPS-tagged imaging from a ruggedized high-speed camera.

24/7 Monitoring

Continuous 24/7 monitoring with zero dead-time recording. Store and capture new images simultaneously.

Zero-Dead Time

Unlike other systems that go “blind” for a period of time immediately following the capture of a lightning event, Jupiter OLS is constantly collecting images.

Automated Lightning Image Reports

Automated lightning image reports sent to you immediately after each lightning event.

Precise Identification

Precise identification of affected areas within your facility for prompt inspection, minimizing downtime and cost.


Whether you need additional cameras, or a custom notification system to provide real-time alerts, OLS installations can be customized for the geography of specific sites and their unique needs.

Jupiter OLS offers flexible deployment options. It can be permanently installed for ongoing operations or temporarily set up to diagnose and resolve lightning-related operational issues. The system can also be swiftly deployed for short-term needs, such as mobile infrastructure like movable oil rigs or military operations. SLS offers a range of purchase and lease options for Jupiter OLS systems.



Power Solar, AC
Communication Cell, Ethernet, or Fiber
Infrastructure Required None


Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
Frame Rate 100 - 1800 fps
Bit Depth 12-bit color or monochrome
Pixel Size 5.6 µm
Jupiter OLS


ANSI/IEC 60529 IP66, protected against dust and high-pressure water jets from any direction, resists coastal and industrial environments.


Oil & Gas

Capture the flash: OLS provides real-time insight on lightning events interacting with Oil & Gas infrastructure.

Power Generation

OLS delivers immediate clarity on lightning events affecting Power Generation facilities.

Space Launch Ports

OLS provides crucial real-time data on direct and nearby lightning strikes to launch pads, space launch vehicles, and critical infrastructure.

Automated Warehouse & Distribution Facilities

OLS offers immediate insights into lightning events affecting Automated Warehouses and surrounding trucking activities.

Military & Defense

OLS delivers instant awareness of lightning occurrences vital to military and defense operations.

Airport Runways & Control Towers

OLS pinpoints lightning events in real-time, safeguarding Airport runways and ensuring uninterrupted communication for control towers.


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Scientific Lightning Solutions Lands at SpaceCom 2024

Scientific Lightning Solutions’ CTO, Dr. Carlos Mata, speaks at SpaceCom’s 50th Space Congress on January 31st, 2024, in the session “Commercial Launch Weather Solutions,” diving into the science behind real-time weather data and monitoring, empowering informed space launch decisions.

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Jupiter TMS

Jupiter TMS

Jupiter Transient Monitoring System delivers real-time lightning data, zero dead-time recording, and instant customizable reporting.


B Dot Sensor

Detect the horizontal and vertical components of lightning-radiated magnetic fields with our B-Dot sensor. 


D Dot Sensor

Weather-proof electric field derivative sensor for measuring lightning-radiated electric field changes.

Dustin Hill

Meet Dr. Dustin Hill


For more information about Jupiter Optical Lightning Surveillance or related products, contact Dr. Hill by email or call his direct line.

Why Scientific Lightning Solutions

We offer unmatched expertise and innovation in lightning science and engineering. As a recognized global leader, we provide advanced lightning and transient monitoring solutions, sophisticated lightning protection system designs, and customized risk assessments. We collaborate with our customers to deliver solutions that meet each client’s unique needs and strike the right balance between cost and risk. Our team of scientists and engineers is at the forefront of lightning problem-solving and has a track record of providing solutions where others have fallen short. So, while we understand that we may not be the first company you contact about your lightning problems, we are confident we will undoubtedly be the last.

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