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Solve Lightning-Related Issues with Expert Forensic Investigations

Transform Lightning Challenges into Operational Strengths and Prevent Costly Downtime

Many facility operators underestimate the power of proactive management in mitigating lightning-related damages and operational disruptions. At Scientific Lightning Solutions (SLS), we specialize not only in turning these challenges into opportunities for enhancing safety and performance but also in preventing costly downtime that can severely impact your bottom line.

Diagnose and Recover: What to Do After Lightning Strikes

While lightning is a natural phenomenon, its impact on facilities can be unnatural and devastating—leading to fires, electrical outages, and even structural damages. Often, the real challenge lies in identifying less obvious issues, such as electrical system vulnerabilities. Our lightning damage investigators don’t just look for visible signs like burned areas or damaged wiring; we conduct a full-scale electrical forensic investigation. We gather all available evidence, including photographs, videos, and eyewitness accounts, to understand the event fully. Our comprehensive report supports insurance claims, lightning litigation, and most importantly, guides you on how to fortify your systems against future strikes.

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Proactive Lightning Solutions: What to Do Before Lightning Strikes

Why wait for lightning to strike to take action? Our experts assess your facilities and assets to identify potential vulnerabilities beforehand. Utilizing proven lightning mitigation strategies, we help you preempt potential damages and hazards. From expert damage assessments to specialized consultation services, our lightning specialists ensure you’re not just reacting to problems but preventing them.

Why Choose SLS for Your Lightning Forensic Needs?

Whether you’re coping with the aftermath of a lightning event or strategizing to prevent future occurrences, a forensic investigator from SLS is your go-to solution. We offer a broad range of expertise—from marine and automotive lightning damage assessment to forensic structural inspection. Don’t just hope lightning won’t strike; ensure it doesn’t cause damage when it does.

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