Precision Timing

Affordable Precision Timing for Your Systems

Many of today’s data acquisition systems, high-speed cameras, and remote sensing devices benefit from the addition of precision timing for correlating the outputs of systems that may be operating in different geographic locations. Existing time-code generation devices are large, power-hungry, and expensive. SLS engineers have developed the JT-DO1 GPS-Disciplined IRIG-B Timecode Generator to provide a compact, affordable timing solution that delivers precision timing to your systems.

SLS JT-D01 Timecode Generator


Precision Timing

Provide external devices with IRIG-B DCLS and 1 PPS signals having nominal timing accuracy better than 20 ns to UTC.


Unlike bulky time servers, JT-DO1 fit in the palm of a hand, allowing seamless integration into existing or new installations.

Low Power

High-performance in a small package, powered from a low-wattage DC source or even a small battery for portable applications.


Availability in a standalone ruggedized case, or as an OEM PCB solution to integrate inside your existing hardware.

The SLS JT-DO1 Timecode Generator provides the user with an IRIG-B007, DC level-shift output in addition to a precision GPS 1 pulse-per-second (PPS) output. JT-DO1 delivers timing accuracy better than 20 ns to UTC. Basic technical specifications of the JT-DO1 are given below. 


Dimensions 4.62-in x 2.12-in x 1.0-in (L x W x H)
Mounting 0.2-in holes (4x)
Supply Voltage 9.5 V - 13.5 V
Current Consumption 60 - 160 mA
Operating Temperature 0°C - 60°C
Timing Accuracy (Clear Sky) ≤ 20ns
Timing Accuracy (Indoors) ≤ 500ns
Serial 115,200 N-8-1

The standard JT-DO1 timecode generator includes an integrated patch antenna. For indoor applications or other applications where the device does not have a clear-sky field of view, the JT-DO1 is available with an additional coaxial input to support the connection of an external GPS antenna.

JT-DO1-12 Configuration Options

SLS presently offers the JT-DO1 Timecode Generator in three configurations:

  1. Custom Circuit Board –  Includes only the custom circuit board with integrated antenna and no external housing
  2. With Non-Environmental Housing – Pictured, includes the custom circuit board in a non-environmental, rugged plastic housing with integrated antenna
  3. With Environmental Housing – Includes the custom circuit board in a sealed 6061 aluminum environmental housing with connection for an external antenna

SLS offers an additional optional configuration for those customers demanding long-duration timing holdover stability when GPS synchronization is lost. Contact SLS today to discuss your timing requirements and to obtain more information on our innovative timing solutions.


Oil & Gas

Provide accurate timing to critical monitoring and control hardware for precision synchronization of geographically separated upstream and downstream facilities, operations, and infrastructure.

Power Generation

Correlate observed electrical disturbances with lightning reports from local and large-scale lightning and transient monitoring services.

Research Labs & Testing Facilities

Maintain exact timing between instrumentation systems, facilitating the highest fidelity data capture, analysis, and post-processing.

Automated Warehouse & Distribution Facilities

Precision timing synchronization for automated warehouse operations and logistics.

Military & Defense

Easily integrate our precision, low-power IRIG-B timing solution for both fixed and mobile assets.

Space Launch Ports

Nano-second scale timing accuracy for data acquisition and telemetry systems during launch countdown and in-flight mission operations.



Jupiter OLS

Jupiter Optical Lightning Surveillance provides lightning-fast images and pinpoint strike location accuracy for 100% of strikes within the field of view.

Jupiter TMS

Jupiter Transient Monitoring System delivers real-time lightning data, zero dead-time recording, and instant customizable reporting.

Dustin Hill

Meet Dr. Dustin Hill


For more information about Jupiter Optical Lightning Surveillance or related products, contact Dr. Hill by email or call his direct line.

Why Scientific Lightning Solutions

We offer unmatched expertise and innovation in lightning science and engineering. As a recognized global leader, we provide advanced lightning and transient monitoring solutions, sophisticated lightning protection system designs, and customized risk assessments. We collaborate with our customers to deliver solutions that meet each client’s unique needs and strike the right balance between cost and risk. Our team of scientists and engineers is at the forefront of lightning problem-solving and has a track record of providing solutions where others have fallen short. So, while we understand that we may not be the first company you contact about your lightning problems, we are confident we will undoubtedly be the last.

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