Electromagnetic Field Sensors: Your First Line of Defense

Electromagnetic fields generated by lightning can wreak havoc on both power and electronic systems, posing a serious risk to your critical assets and facilities. To counteract this, SLS has engineered high-bandwidth electric and magnetic field change sensors (D-dot and B-dot).  These sensors were originally developed to monitor the lightning environment around NASA’s state-of-the-art Artemis launch vehicle and inside the Orion crew capsule.


The D-dot sensor provides pinpoint accuracy in detecting variations in electric fields due to lightning activity. When interfaced with our Jupiter Transient Monitoring System (TMS), this sensor ensures that you are never caught off guard, giving you valuable lead time to activate protective measures.


Our B-dot sensors are designed to precisely detect three-axis magnetic fields generated by lightning, offering a layer of protection that complements the D-dot sensors. When integrated with Jupiter TMS, the B-dot sensor provides an effective way to safeguard your infrastructure.

Lightning Timing with GPS Timecode Generator: Precision When You Need It Most

When dealing with the speed of lightning, precision timing is essential. That’s why SLS engineers have developed state-of-the-art GPS timing products that deliver unparalleled accuracy. Initially created to complement our Jupiter Optical Lightning Sensor (OLS) and Jupiter TMS systems, these low-power, high-accuracy timing solutions are now available for broader applications.

Standalone or Integrated Solutions

Whether you require a standalone GPS timecode generator or want to integrate it into your existing systems, SLS provides the technology to meet your needs. Our timing units are designed for both flexibility and reliability, ensuring that your systems perform at their peak efficiency.

Why Choose Our GPS Timecode Generators?

Our GPS Timecode Generators aren’t just clocks; they’re precision instruments that sync with global positioning systems to offer timing accuracy down to the nanosecond. This allows for data correlation that’s essential for effective lightning monitoring and transient analysis.

Flexible Integration

Our precision timing solutions integrate seamlessly with Jupiter TMS, providing robust timing for geographically separated devices.


By opting for SLS’s accessory offerings, you’re not just buying products, you’re investing in reliability, precision, and peace of mind.


D Dot Sensor

Ruggedized electric field derivative sensor for measuring lightning-radiated electric field changes.


B Dot Sensor

Leverage our B-Dot sensors to detect the horizontal and vertical components of lightning-radiated magnetic fields.


Precision Timing

JT-D01 GPS-Disciplined IRIG-B Timecode Generator provides a compact, affordable timing solution that delivers precision timing to your systems.

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