What's At Stake: The Importance of Regular Inspections

Is your facility adequately protected against the perils of lightning? An annual check-up isn’t just a good idea; it’s essential. For mission-critical systems, more frequent, in-depth evaluations are recommended or, in many cases, required for standards compliance.  A functional lightning protection system is your facility’s shield against potentially devastating electrical surges caused by lightning strikes. But it’s not just about having a system in place; it’s about making sure it’s continually effective. That’s where our expert inspections come in.

Lightning Protection Systems Inspection

Three Pillars of Lightning Protection Systems

An effective lightning protection system hinges on three key components:

  • Above-Ground Assets: These include air terminals and catenary wires that intercept lightning strikes.
  • Bonding and Grounding: Ensuring all elements are well-connected helps disperse electrical charges safely into the ground.
  • Surge Protection: Devices that guard against sudden electrical spikes, safeguarding your electronic equipment.

Each element is critical and must be in optimal condition for your overall system to work effectively.

Our Approach: Comprehensive and Customized

Our engineers go beyond the surface with meticulous on-site inspections. We use calibrated tools to confirm the effectiveness of your lightning protection components, adapting our approach to fit your facility’s unique needs—be it a power plant, a data center, or a military installation.

Beyond the Basics: What We Look For

While most people are familiar with the standard components of lightning protection—like conductors and surge protectors—there’s more to it than meets the eye. We also evaluate:

  • Transient Protection: Specialized devices that filter and suppress sudden voltage spikes.
  • Shielding: Measures to protect against indirect lightning impacts.
  • Bonding: Ensuring all elements are securely interconnected to function as a cohesive system.

Skipping any of these elements can be risky, especially for industries like power plants and chemical facilities that rely heavily on monitoring and control systems.

Also on Our Checklist: Surge Protection

With more facilities relying on sensitive electronics, ensuring the proper function of your Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) has become crucial. Our engineers assess your SPDs for optimal performance.

What You Can Expect From Us

At the end of our inspection, you’ll receive:

  1. A comprehensive report complete with measurements and visuals
  2. Practical advice for boosting your system’s effectiveness
  3. Referrals to certified contractors for necessary improvements
  4. Guidance on ensuring your system meets U.S. compliance standards like NFPA-780, UL96A, and LPI175
Lightning protection systems inspection tools

the industries we serve

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive lightning protection inspection tailored to your specific needs.


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