Custom Electronics


Many modern electronic and electro-mechanical systems require custom control, monitoring, power, and signal-conditioning electronics that cannot be purchased off-the-shelf. SLS provides custom electronic design services, including:

  • Electronic circuit schematic design
  • Electronic circuit simulation capabilities
  • Electronic circuit schematic capture in the latest electrical CAD software
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) layout capability in the latest electrical CAD software

SLS’ electronic circuit designers have combined decades of experience in the conceptual architecture, simulation, schematic capture, and layout of complex PCB designs.  Our experts have led electronic design efforts for custom hardware for NASA, the International Space Station, and other critical infrastructure, launch vehicles, and monitoring/control systems.  

SLS also provides turn-key custom electronic solutions, including the development of embedded firmware.  Our engineers are seasoned in the firmware development process, from the initial conceptualization phase to implementation, debugging, and final integration & testing with peripheral hardware.  We have significant experience with the latest microcontroller, FPGA, and SOC tool chains.  


Our specialties include:

  • Data acquisition systems
  • High-speed analog-to-digital converters
  • Memory interfaces
  • Communication peripherals
  • High-speed analog front ends
  • Custom signal conditioners
  • Custom analog filters
  • Optical detectors
  • Custom surge and electrical transient suppression systems
  • Portable impulse generators
  • Miniaturized high-voltage power supplies 

Contact SLS today to discuss the unique requirements of your electronic design, simulation, schematic capture,  PCB layout, and firmware development projects.

Custom Electronics


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