Lightning Expert Witness & Consultation Services: Setting the Global Standard

Our scientists and engineers offer a wide spectrum of lightning expertise and knowledge. We provide expert witness services for lightning-related loss & lightning injury litigation.

The raw power of lightning can cause catastrophic damage and also lead to complex legal disputes, thus, the need for supremely qualified expert witnesses is paramount. At Scientific Lightning Solutions (SLS), we stand unrivaled as the world’s most highly qualified team of lightning experts.

People or property caught in the path of lightning typically experience property damage, fires, injuries, and even death. The stochastic behavior of lightning and the limited number of experts with an in-depth understanding of its behavior present problems for insurance companies, property owners, and family members attempting to sort out causation and effects.

Our team is composed of seasoned lightning scientists and electrical engineers who bring an exhaustive understanding of the intricate physics governing lightning behavior. Up-to-date with the latest research and technological advancements in the field, we provide incisive insights into the causation and ramifications of lightning events. Whether you’re dealing with insurance complexities or property damage evaluations, our testimony cuts through the ambiguity, providing unassailable technical authority.

We offer a comprehensive range of consultation services that extend well beyond the courtroom. From identifying the origins of a lightning strike and evaluating subsequent damage to outlining comprehensive protection and mitigation strategies for future events, our counsel stands as the gold standard in lightning-related expertise. Areas of our unparalleled expertise include:

  • Atmospheric and Lightning Physics
  • State-of-the-Art Lightning Protection and Grounding Design
  • Rigorous Lightning Risk Assessments
  • Cutting-Edge Surge Protection Design
  • Precision Lightning Strike Location and Monitoring

Due to our proficiency and exemplary track record, SLS’ expert services are routinely sought after by eminent organizations like NASA, as well as leaders in the power generation and oil & gas industries. SLS’s subject matter experts are readily available for consultation and testimony in any lightning-related legal cases or disputes.

Contact your local SLS solutions engineer today to discuss your requirements for the world’s leading lightning expert witness services.

wind turbine damaged by lightning
damage caused by lightning


Do you have lightning-related questions or concerns? Leave us your contact information and a brief descriptive message and a member of our team of experts will respond promptly.

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