DAQ & Instrumentation

Leading-Edge DAQ Equipment and Instrumentation: Capturing the Essence of Lightning Dynamics

In the complex and ever-evolving world of lightning protection and mitigation, cutting-edge data acquisition (DAQ) equipment and instrumentation serve as the linchpin for effective solutions. At Scientific Lightning Solutions (SLS), we offer an unparalleled range of DAQ tools specifically engineered for capturing intricate electrical and atmospheric data with surgical precision. From real-time monitoring to detailed analysis, our advanced systems enable stakeholders to make informed decisions rooted in irrefutable scientific evidence. By equipping you with the very best in DAQ technology, we empower you to not just understand but master the dynamic variables at play in your specific context.

High-Speed Timing Products: Precision Timing for Your Instrumentation Systems

When milliseconds make all the difference, our high-speed timing products come into play to offer unprecedented control, reliability, and accuracy. Seamlessly integrate our custom timing solutions with SLS’ DAQ and instrumentation systems or provide precision timing to your existing monitoring and control systems. 

Custom Electronic System Designs: Expertly Crafted Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

SLS leads the way in custom electronic system designs, creating specialized solutions that are exactly tailored to your unique requirements. From the first sketch to the final implementation, our team of experts meticulously plans, tests, and deploys these systems to deliver peak performance when you need it most.


Jupiter TMS

Jupiter Transient Monitoring System delivers real-time lightning data, zero dead-time recording, and instant customizable reporting.

Precision Timing

JT-D01 GPS-Disciplined IRIG-B Timecode Generator provides a compact, affordable timing solution that delivers precision timing to your systems.

Custom Electronics

Custom data acquisition systems, signal conditioners, filters, mixed-signal electronics, impulse generators, and related firmware/software tailored to your unique requirements.


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