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Enhancing Operational Resilience through Lightning Protection Strategies


Operational resilience is paramount in today’s high-stakes military environment. This article explores how advanced lightning protection strategies—grounded in modeling, empirical data, and deep technical ‘know-how’—enhance the resilience of critical land operations in aerospace and communications. By focusing on robust foundational practices rather than quick fixes, we can safeguard our most vital assets against the unpredictable threats posed by lightning.

Enhancing Operational Resilience through Lightning Protection Strategies Header Photo by USAF Senior Airman J.T. Armstrong

BESS Operational Resilience and Lightning Protection

This article explores advanced lightning protection strategies to enhance the operational resilience and safety of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Wind Farms Operational Resilience and Lightning Strikes

At Scientific Lightning Solutions (SLS), we take a holistic approach that protects wind farms against catastrophic losses and significantly improves operational resilience against lightning strikes.

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