SLS Celebrates Dr. Carlos Mata's Recognition as a Top Tank Storage Influencer

Dr. Mata is among the Top 100 Tank Storage Influencers

Scientific Lightning Solutions (SLS) is proud to announce that Dr. Carlos Mata, our esteemed Chief Technology Officer, has been named one of the Top 100 Tank Storage Influencers by Storage Terminals Magazine. This recognition highlights Dr. Mata’s significant contributions to the field of lightning protection, particularly within the critical domain of tank storage facilities.

Dr. Mata’s expertise lies in harnessing rigorous scientific methods and engineering principles to design and implement effective lightning protection systems. This science-based approach is crucial in the face of the unique challenges posed by lightning strikes to tank storage facilities. In his insightful interview with Storage Terminals Magazine, Dr. Mata emphasizes the limitations of solely relying on compliance with existing standards and advocates for customized solutions based on each facility’s unique characteristics and risks.

Dr. Mata outlines a multi-faceted approach to lightning protection, encompassing several key aspects:

  • Site assessment and risk analysis: This initial stage involves a thorough evaluation of the facility’s layout, tank types, and surrounding environment to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Modeling and simulation: Advanced techniques like Monte Carlo simulations are utilized to assess lightning probability and predict potential pathways for lightning strikes. This enables the design of protection systems that effectively mitigate these identified risks.
  • Comprehensive protection systems: A robust system may involve a combination of air terminals, catenary wire systems, down-conductors, and equipotential bonding, along with advanced surge protection and grounding techniques.
  • Advanced monitoring and detection: Implementing advanced monitoring systems allows for real-time data collection and analysis, facilitating the verification and validation of the system’s effectiveness.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance: Scheduled inspections and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the system’s continued functionality and optimal performance.

Dr. Mata’s recognition underscores the unwavering commitment of SLS to:

  • Scientific rigor and innovation: We continuously strive to develop cutting-edge lightning protection solutions through ongoing research and development.
  • Unparalleled expertise: Our team of highly qualified professionals possesses extensive knowledge and experience in lightning protection, ensuring exceptional service and solutions.
  • Client partnerships: We prioritize collaborating with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our solutions to achieve optimal safety and operational efficiency at their facilities.

By partnering with Scientific Lightning Solutions, tank storage facilities can benefit from Dr. Mata’s expertise and the company’s comprehensive approach to lightning protection. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and discover how we can help you safeguard your facility against the potential dangers of lightning strikes.

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